SURF Models & Security of Supply

While different SURF models with sizes ranging from 250L to 7500L have been designed the launch model is designed for a 1000L working volume fermentation. The same SURF liner can be used for volumes down to 500L but this will required an additional cooling belt and special hatch in the shell to facilitate top adaptor installation. As mentioned previously the SURF is fitted with a top and bottom nozzle onto which steel adaptors are attached. SBT will supply SURF Liners, SURF Shells and SURF adaptors. Any number of control systems can be used for controlling the temperature during the fermentation and in-line valves as required. SBT can provide contact for ancillary equipment e.g. chillers, valves, controllers, etc.
Security of supply is a very important issue which is why we have a total of three SURF liner suppliers in different areas of the world who can fabricate the liners to our specifications. We also keep a high volume of SURF liners in stock at our warehouse to guard against potential unforeseen events which may impact delivery from suppliers.