Mälardalen Brewing Company

The SURF pioneers!

Like most great inventions and developments the SURF system was developed out of necessity, that necessity being to minimse the carbon footprint and to save money on start-up costs of a small microbrewery. The microbrewery was Mälardalen Brewing Company (MBC) which is located in Sweden and was started in 2015. The guys involved in MBC worked in the biotechnology industry for years and were well aware of the benefits and applications of single use technology for the productions of life saving medicines. The SURF system was developed from a simple concept to an industrial user-friendly system was which offered all the functionality required in a beer fermentation system all microbrewery scale. Originally there was no intention to commercialise the SURF system, just brew great beers in a more sustainable manner. However, as word of mouth spread about the unique fermentation system being used at MBC, interest grew with both established and aspiring brewers asking about the possibility to purchase a system. In effect MBC was the all-important proof of concept for the SURF system while also producing cracking beers! So if you wish to see the system in action MBC will be more than happy to accommodate a visit and show off their SURFs! www.malardalenbrewing.se